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So what’s YOUR problem?!

In the message from December 1-2,  I tried to remind us that God has a habit of choosing and working…

post by Ben Cachiaras

In the message from December 1-2,  I tried to remind us that God has a habit of choosing and working through people we might typically consider unlikely candidates.  Just as he sent Jesus as the CHRIST, now Jesus sends US as little CHRIST’s.

The idea resonated with many, so I’m circling back to throw it at you again.  It’s important to grasp, because I believe many of us discount the notion that God would ask us to work with him.  We can leave God’s work to the professionals, we think.  We can let other people who are smarter, better equipped and not as busy worry about being on mission for God.  As for me, I’ve got too many skeletons in my closet.  We think, “If God were picking teams, he would not choose me.”

Maybe you think your past sidelines you for God’s work.  Now that you’re tainted, you’re relegated to spectator status.  Or maybe you’re in too much pain to get your eyes off your own life.  Or you’ve got some other problem. Okay, you’ve got issues.  Join the club.

Guess what?  That’s the only kind of people God knows how to work with.   The very first people Jesus called were a bunch of fishermen nobody else would have touched.  “I pick you,” he said. And they followed.

Now Jesus looks at you and says, “I pick  you.”  He wants you on the team, because plan A is that he has entrusted the mission he began into our hands.  What is plan B?  As far as we know, there is no plan B.

So YOU are called by God.   You’re sent!  Jesus has a mission for you to do.  The only question is, will you do it?

Think about the people we consider Bible Heroes today.  Their names ring out like chapel bells, as if they are somehow sacred figures, larger than life.  But before they became famous, they were living ordinary lives.  And they were some messed up folk.  They had issues.

Moses was self-conscious about his stuttering problem, and he had killed man.

Timothy seemed to have ulcers.

Hosea’s wife was a prostitute.

Jacob was a liar and a deceptive cheat.

David had an affair, was a murderer, and lied to cover it all up.

Naomi was a widow, grieving her husband.

Jonah denied God’s will and ran from the Lord.

Thomas doubted.

Jeremiah was depressed and suicidal.

Elijah was burned out and exhausted.

Martha was a worry wart workaholic.

Noah got drunk at the wrong times and shamed himself in front of his family.

Solomon was too rich and had a few-hundred too many concubines.

Abraham was a senior citizen with achy joints.

Peter had a big mouth and a short fuse.

And Lazarus was dead.

So what’s YOUR problem?!

God always uses cracked pots, putting his best stuff on display in jars of clay.  That way God can show that his all surpassing power is from HIMSELF and not from us.  (2 Corinthians 4:7)

I know you’ve got issues.  You’re a cracked pot.  Join the club.

If you follow Jesus, it’s not into a Priority Club lounge; he leads you into his mission.  He’s got work for you to do.  You’re also anointed and appointed.  You’re part of plan A.  Jesus picked you. Let’s do this.

So do something that shows you are ON mission with God today.  Do something today that shows you know you are called and SENT by Jesus, for Christ’s sake.

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