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“Why not go see Fifty Shades of Grey?” Part 2 of 4
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“So what do you think about Fifty Shades of Grey?” Part 1 of 4 

When a friend asked that question today, I didn’t know quite what to say. Not because I don’t have some…

post by Ben Cachiaras

When a friend asked that question today, I didn’t know quite what to say. Not because I don’t have some thoughts about the crazy popular film, but because I didn’t know quite where to start. I was pretty sure if I started talking it would come out something like a frenetic Robin Williams rant.

Rather than ramble on in sporadic rabbit trails he would certainly misunderstand, I boomeranged his question back to him. I wanted to know where he was coming from. And I figured it would give me time to think.

Then he shared some of his opinions about how he doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about, and really, can’t we just all grow up about it, and people can do what they want and that sort of thing.

That’s when I decided I would try to answer his question in a blog. So here are some of those sporadic rabbit trails slightly mapped out.

The wildly popular book-turned-movie opens this weekend, shrewdly synched with Valentine’s Day. One thing I hate is when people pontificate about books and movies they haven’t actually bothered to read or watch themselves. Well, I haven’t read the book or watched this film. So if you want to stop listening, that’s fine.

But this is different and you know it. I mean, I live under a rock and still I know a whole lot about the premise, people, and plot of Shades. I imagine you do, too, even if you haven’t read or seen it.

The buzz is strangely mixed. A lot of people are really upset and have a strong dislike for this film.

Are you one of the people described above?  I am.  

This film is about bondage. And I don’t mean the kind you find in sex dungeons. The relationship between Christian and Ana promotes a set of lies that hold people captive, locked away from the healthy food we’re desperately hungry for which is mature love. Acceptance. Wholesome intimacy. Instead Fifty Shades serves up more of the same crappy prison gruel our culture has developed an appetite for. Fifty Shades comes along and says, “Super-size me!”

What we’re really hungry for is a Truth that can set us free.

In my next post I’ll head down a different rabbit trail to talk about whether you should see the movie or not.


5 thoughts on ““So what do you think about Fifty Shades of Grey?” Part 1 of 4 

  1. Well said so far. Looking forward to part 2. I’m especially troubled by the lack of shame attendant to being a fan of this franchise. It’s garbage by God’s standards AND the world’s, as you point out in bullet point one.

  2. Like many others….I have not read the book nor will I see the movie. It is my opinion that this movie represents the efforts of the porn industry to come out into mainstream and be seen as normal. There are many other Hollywood productions that have the same content and twisted ideas that one could say are precursors to what “Shades” represents. It’s as if this production has become an apex (with more to follow) of Hollywood’s desire to restructure and reengineer what society at large considers normal behavior. The movie “Indecent Proposal” amongst many others was one of these precursors. As a result, the masses spiral downward on the slide that leads to moral degradation, psychological and emotional confusion, illicit addictions, and ultimately divine judgement at the last day. All of this under the guise of the “New Normality” .

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