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Mountain's Second Sandy Relief Trip
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Hello Mountain and Friends! Just before 11 PM last night, a group huddled around our drivers to pray before they…

post by Ben Cachiaras

Hello Mountain and Friends!

Just before 11 PM last night, a group huddled around our drivers to pray before they got in the trucks and headed for NYC. We prayed not just for their safety, but for our friends in New York and New Jersey who were spending the night in still very difficult places, waiting (sometimes in the cold and the dark) for the supplies we were about to deliver. We prayed also for our contacts on the ground – people from sister churches who this morning distributed these much needed relief items. And we thanked God for working through the Mountain people who on short notice brought an amazing outpouring of supplies allowing us to drive up four stuffed truck loads last night to Brooklyn where it will be distributed to those in greatest need, including Staten Island.

We got a late start, so our crew arrived at the drop point around 2:30 AM this morning. Here’s a camera-phone picture of Tom Moen surveying supplies with one of the workers who is coordinating distribution in Brooklyn and beyond:

I just want to say THANK YOU to all who went to the basement, the cupboard, the store, or circulated my last e-note at work and to neighbors – and who responded in a God-prompted way to care for friends in need. There is perhaps no action more central to the Christian life than showing tangible Christ-like care toward those in a position of need. Love God, Love People, Serve the World is more than a mantra to repeat, it’s a life to live. And Mountain, you came through. Way to go.

We feel very good about our contacts in NY, knowing that the supplies we give will get into the hands of those who need it in a timely fashion.

Now please read carefully. Here’s the deal:

What we gave was GREAT.
The remaining need remains GREATER.

By the time you read this the items we delivered will already be completely distributed. We asked, “Can you use and distribute more stuff?” They said, “YES!” So we’re going to collect more supplies this weekend – starting right now. Sandy deluged them with winds and rain. Now it’s our turn to rain down on them with love, and showers of blessing from God, moved by the Wind of God’s Spirit. Let’s let NYC know they are not alone, by deluging them with the love of Christ in practical form.

OUR PRIMARY COLLECTION POINT WILL BE THE NEW LIFE CENTER (NLC) on Mountain Road campus. Note: We will also collect supplies at the Bel Air campus Sunday morning ONLY (located at The John Carroll School. Bel Air folks can drop off items in one of the trucks parked out front in the cirlce drive).

All supplies need to be delivered to the NLC by NOON on Monday, November 5. For Bel Air location at John Carroll, we will ONLY be receiving supplies Sunday morning, until 11:15 AM. We will be loading trucks and delivering on Monday afternoon/evening, departing from the NLC.

Please consider the following ways that you may be able to provide assistance. If you can bring items in BOXES of any size, it helps in packing the trucks.


FOOD: both ready to eat (sandwiches, fruit, veggies) and canned goods (for when power is back on). Additionally stuff you can open and eat…



  • We need TRUCKS and those who can DRIVE them. If you have a box truck (or larger?) and can send it to NYC and back on Monday (at the church for loading by 2 PM, returning around midnight), please write to SANDY@mountaincc.orgto let us know as many specifics as possible, including your name and phone and what kind and size of truck, and if you are willing to drive, or are okay with another driving it.
  • We need DRIVERS who can drive trucks or support vehicles Monday, leaving around 4 PM and returning around midnight. Again, email to let us know if you are available to drive. Provide your name, phone, and if you have a CDL license.
  • We need PEOPLE who will be a crew to organize all these supplies, and load the trucks on Monday at the NLC, working anywhere between noon and 4 PM. Noon to 2 PM will be organizing the stuff, and we will begin loading around 2, aiming for a 4 PM departure. If you can help, just show up! You can also email to let us know you’re coming, again at, providing your name and cell if possible.
  • We may also need PEOPLE who will make the trip to help unload in NYC. If you can ride along, or drive a van of support team un-loaders, let us know specifically what you are volunteering for, along with your cell — at, you guessed it,
  • We need people who will pray for the people still struggling and suffering in Sandy’s aftermath, and for the tireless workers in the relief centers and churches who are on the ground helping.

When they are ready to receive us, we will plan to take people to NYC and New Jersey for “boots on the ground” help when and where they need us. Right now this is the best way we can help.

Personal Touch:
I loved what one Mountain family did. Take a look at the note they pasted to the water they donated:

Let me encourage you to do something similar, where practical. Let’s be sure Jesus and his Church gets glory in this. If you have time, how about attaching a note that says, “With love from your friends at Mountain Christian Church in Joppa, Maryland” or “Because Jesus cares, we do, too!” or “Given with the love of Jesus” or “God loves you and so do we at Mountain Christian Church.” I think it’s appropriate to send a personal touch. No names or contact info, just a positive message of love. Someone will receive that note and know there’s a human behind the gift – a human who is motivated by the love of Jesus.

Financial Gifts:
If you want to give financially to the ongoing need, we are directing you to go to

Sandy Stories:
We will keep you posted with regard to meeting further needs as they arise. If you have a story you want to share about something – some way God touched you, or worked through this situation – tell us at

Bring supplies to the Commons of the New Life Center starting IMMEDIATELY and ending Monday at NOON, or to John Carroll School Sunday morning only, between 8:45 and 11:15 AM. Let us know how you might be able to help – especially if you have access to a TRUCK — by contacting us at

Sometimes people say you need to “vote with your feet.” But sometimes God’s people need to vote with their hearts and their hands. This is one of those times. Thanks in advance, Mountain.

Forward this note to whomever needs to see it. Let’s roll.

For Jesus who is Lord of the wind and waves,


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