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Interview with Kirk Bolen, Songwriter for God

I’ve written a few songs. You’ve never heard them on the radio. But I sang them for Karla a couple…

post by Ben Cachiaras

I’ve written a few songs. You’ve never heard them on the radio. But I sang them for Karla a couple times. They were my attempts to tell her how amazing I thought she was and that I loved her.

And they were not very good.

But when Kirk Bolen writes a song, it’s good. God has given him gifts not everyone has. Like the gift of cool, for example. And the gift of “beard.” Kirk has the gift of running. He runs like a gazelle. And God gave him the gift of music and guitar playing and singing and song leading. And song writing.

Folk who were at Mountain in recent weeks have maybe noticed we’ve been singing a few songs written by our own Worship Arts staff, Eric Olson and Kirk. This weekend we kick off THE STORY – with the story of Creation. And we will sing one of Kirk’s songs called Creation Psalm. It’s like my song for Karla, except it’s to tell God he is amazing and that we love him.

And it’s good.

And when we sing it this weekend, we want it to be a gift to God, to let him know we think he’s amazing and that we love him. And if we do, God will hear it, and as he did after creating us, say, “It’s very good.”

I grabbed Kirk last night for a quick word about Creation Psalm. Check it out.



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  1. October 29, 2009 12:56 pm by Michaela from Nova scotia Thankyou so much to the Team for doing the aocrss Canada tour, and for making me aware of, Because I am a girl,it is so rewarding to see how alittle time each day,can impact so many people,and everyone just wants to help, Ive been telling them about the Plan Canada site and how they can purchase a goat or school supplies,water, and hens,for families,and its only a little bit of money, now thats a cool present, my class at school really enjoyed the daily updates on the caravan. And my insperation book is getting bigger and bigger, This is so rewarding, Thankyou!!! love Michaela

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