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Imagine…but not like John Lennon told us to

The world was stuck like a clock at midnight.  Then Jesus came! But imagine what would the world would be…

post by Samantha

The world was stuck like a clock at midnight. 

Then Jesus came!

But imagine what would the world would be like if Jesus never came. What if God had not ordered an intrusion whereby God himself came among us in person?

  • Like lone hikers in the jungle, sinking helplessly in quicksand, we would know nothing of love’s acceptance and grace. The world without love is harsh and cold, helpless and hopeless. Maybe you have experienced this.
  • Stained permanently by sin, ashamed and guilty, we would remain tainted and scarred by the offenses of others and our own transgressions. The world without forgiveness is bleak and death-like, each of us prisoners of our own failure. Maybe you have known this.
  • The sadness of our losses and the griefs we bear would consume us, because death and its sting of evil in all its forms would have the last and final word. The world without joy and peace is a dreary winter with no spring around the corner.  Maybe you have tasted this.
  • There would be no possibility of a new start, a second chance, a do over in life. The world without resurrection and new life is a one way street leading to a dead end. Maybe you fear this is the truth, or wonder when God will bring new life for you and for the world.

We never celebrate Christmas how we should until we think long and hard about what the world – what our own lives – would be like if he hadn’t come.

But the people walking in darkness HAVE seen a great light…

So the angels bellowed while the clock was stuck at midnight, “Hey!  Ya’ll! There is good news of great joy for ALL the people!”

GAME CHANGED! God DID send his son. Jesus HAS come among us!


  • Jesus brings the love we long for. The color red points to this love.
  • Jesus brings the forgiveness of sins we need. The color white points to this forgiveness.
  • Jesus brings joy and peace in the midst of sorrow. The color blue points to this joy and peace.
  • Jesus brings new life when we need it most! The color green points to this new life.

These are the colors of Christmas. We are diving deeply into these matters over the next few weeks at Mountain.

Please — prepare your mind for thinking more deeply about the coming of Christ than you ever have. Prepare your heart for receiving Jesus more deeply into your heart. Make room in your cluttered soul for growth.

Because the coming of Jesus colors everything in a whole new light.

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