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A New Year’s Prayer: “DISTURB ME”

This prayer expresses well what we need to say to God as we embark on a new year. If you…

post by Ben Cachiaras

This prayer expresses well what we need to say to God as we embark on a new year. If you want the calendar flip to rock your status quo, these honest words invite God to work deeply in your life. I like to work slowly through this prayer, line by line, until my spirit catches up with the words, and I find myself actually meaning it – desiring it. I wrote it as a way of getting my spirit to align with the will of God. Maybe it will dislodge something in you, too, stirring up your desire to follow Jesus more fully. Let it be a way for you to invite God to lead you into 2013.

Dear God,

Disturb me.

Rouse me from sleepy paths of comfortable faith

that too easily become dangerous ruts of safety

rather than a pathway I walk with you

in a kind of adventure.

Forgive me for focusing more

on what I want you to do for “my life” or “my ministry”

than what you may want me to do for your kingdom.

Help me to remember that your call

is simply to follow

and that you are on the move


Push me with the lifting power of your Spirit

past the stagnant places I’ve been.

Prod me past the horizons formed by my timidity and fear.

Transform me.

Give me an attitude that is finally ready to follow Jesus

no matter what.

I want to go beyond.

I really do, Lord Jesus.

Where you lead me, I will follow.

No turning back.


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