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About Ben

With roots (rhymes with foots not boots) in Minnesota, and some time in Tennessee (don’t mean to make it sound like a prison sentence­ – we LOVE Tennessee, really), Maryland has been our home for 17+ years.

We are on a mission from God with some AMAZING Jesus-followers near Baltimore. It’s quite a group. We gather on weekends for an incredible time, and call this growing family Mountain Christian Church.

It’s probably not what you think.

And whoever you are, you are welcome to join us. Love to have you!

My amazing wife is Karla was apparently out of her mind when she married me. That’s also why she’s still with me. She loves Jesus, me, her kids, Words With Friends, tennis, and winning.

Nathan a student at Emmanuel Christian Seminary in Tennessee where he was born, and where he now plays Ultimate Frisbee, guitar, and walks on slack lines between cafeteria runs and studying. @nathancachiaras

Andrew is a Sophmore at the University of Maryland where when he’s not studying he’s kicking someone’s rear in League of Legends or cracking some lame pun that only he and I think is funny. @ajcachiaras

Ellie is a smart, pretty, athletic Senior in the International Baccalaureate program of Edgewood High School.  She’s awesome at soccer, is the best writer in our family, and her heart beats fast for Laban, Cecilia, and Grace, our sponsored kids through CMF Missions of Hope International and especially Evelyn, Joshep & David , whom she has held in her arms when she went to Ecuador with Stadia and Compassion International. @elliecach

Rambo and Jeanie are dogs we inherited who love Karla and ignore the rest of us.  They are not on Twitter.

I have a fierce, painful, lifelong love for the Minnesota Vikings.

Rock climbing gives me a natural “high” and I’ve climbed in over 10 states.

I get a kick out of rock climbing and have climbed in 5 states this year.

Most people who get tennis elbow don’t get it from playing tennis. I did.

I listen to sermons on my iPod when I mow the grass.

My favorite place in the world is a cabin on the lake in Northern Minnesota, a haven we call Revive Us Again because we can still hear the echoing refrain of my Grandpa, G.H. Cachiaras, singing it – and because when we go there, that is what happens to us .

My parents live in Minnesota, and are awesome. I’m the youngest of four, so on car rides always in the middle with my feet on the hump.

I do not like cats.

I am trying to be like Jesus and be on mission with Jesus.

I am somewhat out of my mind.